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Services offered:

  • Haemorrhoids treatment and removal
  • Excision of skin lesions as skin moles and other pigmental lesions
  • Excision of sebaceous cysts
  • Infected and ingrowing nail surgery
  • Abscess incision + drainage
  • Breast diseases - diagnosis, advise, minor surgical procedure
  • Joint aspiration/intra articular injections
  • Mole, cyst, wart or skin tag removal treatment
  • Other surgeries

Mole, cyst, wart of skin tag removal - treatment summary and what's the operation for?

This is an operation to remove a skin lesion such as a mole, cyst, wart or skin tag. This may be because it has shown changes in shape or colour, or is unsightly, painful or restricting your movement.

Removing a skin lesion is usually a quick and straightforward procedure and is most often performed as an out - patient procedure, with no overnight stay. The operation is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, which means that the affected skin area will be completely numb but you stay awake. This will depend on the type of treatment you are having and the size, location and number of lesions that need removing.

Your surgeon will advise if anaesthesia and/or sedation is suitable for you. Your surgeon will also explain the benefits and risks of having your skin lesion removed, and will discuss the alternatives to the procedure.

About the operation

The exact technique used for removing the lesion depends on factors such as what condition it is, its size and location. Most lesions are cut out using a scalpel and the wound closed with stitches. Some lesions may be “shaved” down to the level of the surrounding skin. Skin tags may be simply snipped off with surgical scissors.

Your surgeon will explain the risks associated with any method and advise you on which treatment option is most suitable for you. Samples of the removed lesion may be sent to a laboratory for examination.

The operation will usually leave a scar. How big and noticeable this will be depends on the exact operation. Please ask your surgeon how much scarring to expect after your treatment. Most scars fade significantly over the first year.

Having a minor skin lesion removed is generally a safe procedure. However, all operations carry risks as well as benefits. Complications of minor skin surgery are uncommon, but the chance of problems does depend on the nature of the lesion, the exact type of operation required and other factors such as your general health.

You should ask your surgeon to explain how any risks apply to you.

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