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Phoenix Medical is a practice of people who share the desire to make your consulting experience as valuable, effective and comfortable as possible. Our management and admin team is every bit as committed to this as the consulting clinicians and specialists. We appreciate that in order to promote recovery and wellness, a multi-disciplinary environment in which a variety of medical and associated needs can be met is desirable. To that end, we gather a cross-section of doctors, dentists & allied healthcare professionals and provide the facilities, context and atmosphere in which various conditions can be supported.

Some Customer Feedback:

Sympathetic, patient and professional! Symptoms, that have tendency to return and seriously troubled our normal functioning are gone now. And I believed I was to learn to live with this. Huge thanks!

Sincere thanks to Dr Samberger for his professionalism and wonderful approach to patient. I struggled with huge health problems and thanks to this doctor I'm recovering now.

I'm very pleased with Dr Michal treatment. Doctor showed a huge medical knowledge, explained each step taken at the visit and explained the reasons for problem. Great professional knowledge.

I'm very pleased with the Doctor treatment. I have now stopped medicines I had been taken for years. I recommend this doctor, he approaches the patient with real heart and does his best to help and explain.

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We believe that health is the root to happiness in life.
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