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Dental hygiene treatment is the cleaning of teeth performed by a dentist or dental hygienist. It can be a complement to daily oral hygiene, because in the dentist's office we can effectively get rid of plaques that may be problematic at home.

As part of oral hygiene, the dentist removes tartar, as well as surface deposits and bacterial plaque. Achieving this effect is possible thanks to several stages, which include:

scaling - removal of tartar;
sandblasting - removing deposits and discolorations;
polishing - smoothing the tooth surface, which limits the build-up of plaque;
fluoridation - tooth varnishing involves strengthening the enamel with fluoride, thus increasing its resistance to caries.

The main indications for oral hygiene are:

- general dental prophylaxis
- deposits resulting from smoking and drinking coffee or tea
- tartar
- tendency to caries
- orthodontic treatment
- periodontitis
- teeth whitening

Indications for dental hygiene:
Anyone can perform preventive dental hygiene, but it is worth discussing your individual needs with your dentist first. He or she may determine an increased need for dental cleaning of the oral cavity due to a predisposition to the development of caries. On the other hand, if our diet does not include excessive amounts of sugar and we clean our teeth properly, we do not have to suffer from the problem of tartar deposits. Then, during the hygienization procedure, it will be sufficient to remove deposits and discolouration by sandblasting and polishing.

It is generally accepted that it is best to use the dental hygiene service once a quarter. It is worth consulting with your dentist about the appropriate frequency of treatments in your case. Independent control is also important. If we cannot clean our teeth, notice unsightly plaque or cannot get rid of it while brushing, we should go for an oral examination. Such situations may occur more often in people who frequently drink coffee or tea, smoke cigarettes or follow a diet low in minerals.

Dental hygiene is mandatory for people who want to whiten their teeth using the in-office method. Only a thoroughly cleaned tooth surface is fully susceptible to the whitening agent. The procedure is also recommended for people who wear orthodontic appliances that make it difficult to brush their teeth thoroughly.

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