The Clinic

"There is a very nice atmosphere in the clinic, the staff always similed."

"Very nice and professional approach. I'm very pleased with my visit at the clinic, I will recommend this place for sure."

"I'm pleased with the approach to patient at this clinic. Good service.

I very much recommend this place."

Dr Anna Lotz

"Sincere thanks for Dr Lotz, for saving our daughter life. She was the only doctor who wound murmurs in her heart, which next lead to a heart surgery. Our daugheter health is now excellent and all of this is thanks to Mrs Doctor.

Thank you. J. and M.M"

"We are patients of dr Ania Lotz. Such a nice person and always accurately prescribes medicine. Trully sensational Doctor. K and J. Z"

"Very professional services. Dr Anna Lotz - especially good doctor. Very nice service at the reception, and the denal nurse very nice too."

Dr Artur Wiśniewski, GP

"I have been a patient of Dr Wisniewski for around 1.5 years now. The Doctor always meets my requierements, great understanding between me and the Doctor. With greetings P.L."

"Very good professional service. I use regulary for my son, good treatment. E.S"

"I'm very pleased with the Doctor treatment. I have now stopped medicines I had been taken for years. I recommend this doctor, he approaches the patient with real heart and does his best to help and explain. B.H"

"I'm content with Dr Artur's treatment. Amazing doctor. I truly recommend him! P.B"

"I have recovered thanks to Dr Wisniewski. Thank you very much for taking care of me Doctor. Definitely I will be back in the future. A man with an impressive knowledge. L. S."


Dr Michal Samberger, Gynaecologist

"Amazing doctor. I truly reccomend this doctor. J.A."

"Sincere thanks to Dr Samberger for his professionalism and wonderful approach to patient. I struggled with huge health provlems and thanks to this doctor I'm recovering now. Recommendable doctor. A"

"Sympathetic, patient and professional! Sympthoms, that have tendency to return and seriously troubled our normal functioning are gone now. And I believed I was to learn to live with this. Huge thanks! P."

"Dr Samberger helped me to detect my disease and quickly gave guidiance for treatment. I'm very pleased with the visit and will be back gladly. M"

"I'm very pleased with Dr Michal treatment. Doctor showed a huge medical knowledge, explained each step taken at the visit and explained the reasons for problem. Great professional knowledge. Thank you from a bottom of my heart."


Dr Justyna Abramowicz, Dentist

"Cordial thaks for Dr Abramowicz for her treatmet, professionalism and friendly atmosphere. M.D"

"Sincere thanks for Ms Justyna for professionalism and help. Our daughter like going to dentist now. Thank you. W.S.E.W"

"Best dentist I have ever seen. Very gentle and precise. I am most graterul for bringing my teeth to order. Thank you. U."

"My feelings after seeing Dr Abramowicz are highly positive. I wish to thank Dr Justyna for a high work culture and her skills. I'm under a huge impression of the doctor for professional service. H."

"I'm very satisfied with the dental health at the clinic. I recommend! R.F"

Dr Ewa Zawisza, Dentist

"In the dental cabinet I received plenty of information about the state of my teeth. I recommend all fearfull, especially children. M."

"I'm very pleased with the dental service at the clinic. Thanks to fast diagnosis I was able to start my treatment and avoid plenty of complication and days of pain. Thank you very much."

Dr Pawel Ira, Dentist

"I have met Dr Ira. Very gentle, always smiling and can introduce a nice atmosphere from straight from the door. And, overhall, I recommend Phoenix K.K."

"I sencerly recommend dr Pawel, full of professionalism and positive attitude towards patient. Always smilling. G.M"

"Trully amazing doctor. Plenty of positive energy and his smile from the very beginning gives courage. I recommend to everyone. K.Z."

"I must prise the doctor for professional service and his interest in patient A.T."

"Best dentist I've ever seen with my braces. I recommend 100% S.S."

Dr Jarek Matuszak, Dentist

"I have been a patien of this clinc for several years now. Personally, I'm very grateful to Dr Jarek (the implantologist)."

"Dr Jarek - first ligue doctor for me. A very specific, honest person, with no much of fuss performs his professional task! P.M."

Joanna Napper, Doppler

"I'm very much grateful to Ms Joanna Napper. Amazing approach to patient, professional explanation and advice in moments of problems with moving. Thank you"

Rececption and dental nurse

"The dental nurse, being such a lovely lady with a warm personality made me choose just this this clinic. She gives the place a special character. P.M."

"Professional clinic, full of warmth and kindness. Also, I do not forget about wonderful ladies at the reception desk, who with a little chat and a warm smile make the waiting for the visit pleasurable. P."

"Reception in the clinic is very nice making feeling home. You are great. Good work. G.P."

"Professional, fantastic atmosphere at reception already. Kind and polite people - professionals in every meaning of this word. M."

"I have been a registered patient at the clinic for a few years now. Both my family as well as myself are pleased with the services we receive here. We especially like Ms Magda (the dental nurse) and Monika (the receptionist)."

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