Policies and Procedures


We constantly strive to provide our Patients with the best possible care and attention, and we can only improve our services if you tell us what changes you would like to see. If you have a suggestions or comments to make please ask for a form from reception for you to complete and return, leaving your name, address and telephone number if you would like a written copy.

We have an internal system for dealing with Complains therefore, if you have a complaint or concern regarding the service you have received from the practice, please let us know by either contacting the Manager or you can write in confidence to the Practice Manger.

Patient Confidentiality Policy

Your medical records, in both paper and computer form, are used jointly by members of the practice team. We will not disclose information from them to anyone else without your permission, except in the following circumstances:

  • When we are referring you to another doctor or health professional for treatment
  • When you move to another practice
  • When we are obliged to by law

However information about you may be used (within the constraints of the Data Protection Act 1998) to protect public health, to undertake research and audit, to train or teach medical staff and students and to plan and organise health care services. If you do not want your information to be used in this way you have the right to refuse but you do need to inform either your doctor or another member of the practice is you wish to withhold consent.

Under 16s

We provide a confidential service  to all our patients including under 16s. This means you can tell others about a visit to the surgery but we won't. Nothing will be said to anyone including parents, other family members, care workers without your permission. The only reason we might have to consider passing on confidential information without your permission would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm, and we would always try to discuss the matter with you first.

Zero Tolerance to Abuse

The Practice considers threatening behaviour to be either:

attempt or actual, aggressive threatening physical actions made towards any member of Staff or the use of aggressive or abusive language - including raising of the voice, swearing and cursing – which threatens or intimidates any member(s) of Staff. Any behaviour, verbal or physical, which causes Staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened, is totally unacceptable.

PROCEDURE: All instances of threatening behaviour will be reported to the Practice Manager and entered into an Incident Logbook. Any instance of physical abuse will be reported to the police

The offender will be removed immediately from the premises. Their name will be taken off the Phoenix Medical Clinic Patient List. Any incident of verbal abuse, whether in person or on the telephone, will be reported immediately to the Practice Manager and recorded in the Incident Logbook kept in the reception area.

The Incident Logbook will be reviewed weekly by the Practice Manager and when deemed appropriate in case of a first offence, a Warning Letter will be sent to the person concerned informing them that any further abusive behaviour will result in them being removed from the Phoenix Medical Centre Patient List. A copy letter will be filed with his/her Medical Record.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide the highest quality of care based on sound scientific evidence in a caring and friendly atmosphere by a dedicated team of doctors and specialists.

Our Promise to You:

  • To take the time to listen to your fears, needs and desires and give you explanations and solutions designed to meet your needs.
  • Provide the highest quality of care
  • To carry out your treatment in a safe environment and follow the latest cross infection guidelines. Your safety is our primary concern.
  • To formulate a treatment plan which best meets your requirements and to discuss with you all the implications, and alternatives.

Your Promise to us:

  • To help us by attending your appointments promptly and if that is not possible let us know as soon as you can. We do charge for non-attendance with less than 24 hours notice. You may be charge a fee of £50 for non-attendance with less than 4 hours notice.
  • To carry out any home care as recommended by your Dentist or Doctor.
  • To attend for regular examinations and preventative treatment as recommended.
  • To treat all staff with the courtesy and respect that you would expect from us.
  • If you are happy with your visit then we would appreciate it if you would tell others about the service we offer.

It is our aim to give you a smile you will be proud off, and by doing that help increasing your self – confidence and self esteem.

Regardless of the reason for visiting all patients should be aware of our services and as part of health promotion, enquiries can be made about safer sex practices, smoking, alcohol intake, drug use, blood pressure.

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We believe that health is the root to happiness in life.
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